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In February 2014, Ann McIlraith contacted all the Reconnective Healing® practitioners that she could find contact details for in Ireland and invited us to meet together.  These individuals had completed practitioner training to at least Level 2 with Eric Pearl and The Reconnection team, and a few were also qualified to offer The Reconnection®.  Very few of us had met before as we had travelled abroad for the training.  As a group, we agreed that we are all light workers, connected to special healing frequencies. Together we can invite in these energies to spread the word whatever way we are inspired. There are people out there we are connected to, like a tribe, and we have to make ourselves available to them.

So, we are taking steps to reach out to everyone who wishes to benefit from these Universal Healing Energies, mainly by providing an on-line list of practitioners in Ireland, by organising events and by letting people know about this wonderful healing modality.

Eventually we set up this website with the name "Reconnection Practitioners Ireland".   

Each of us has each experienced remarkable benefits from Reconnective Healing® and we have seen the positive, and sometimes amazing, changes these special healing frequencies of Light, Energy and Information have made in the lives of our clients. 

We are actively raising awareness and making Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® more widely available in Ireland.  
The current membership is listed on the Directory page.  We invite you contact any of the individuals listed to experience these wonderful healing frequencies.  Please note that not all have updated to the Foundational Practitioner status, but all are experienced in this work.  

We welcome newly qualified practitioners to contact us and will be pleased to add you to the list. 

Contact  info@reconnectionpractitionersireland.com 


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